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Tidal irrigation has what advantages?

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Tidal irrigation has the following advantages:

Because the leaves and flowers of crops always adhere to the dry condition, reducing the greenhouse humidity, can reduce the growth of bacteria; many oxygen.

The gas is transported to the root of the crop along with the nutrient solution, which makes the root system more vigorous and reduces the root disease.

It can promote plant growth; crops can be uniformly irrigated together, so as to facilitate accurate manipulation and 

improve crop quality.

Irrigation can complete automatic operation, improve irrigation power and reduce artificial cost; and has tidal bed.

Workers can work at a suitable height, reduce labor intensity, and adhere to boring channels, which can reduce wet slippery.

The growth of algae can reduce industrial accidents, and irrigation water can be collected and recycled, so that water can be spoiled and reduced.

At the lowest level, we should reduce the cost of valuable fertilizer.

The use of tidal irrigation should pay attention to the following points: use in greenhouse with absorbable ultraviolet concealment data.

Shelved chassis exposed to sunlight for a long time; used only for crops or similar production; prevented from exceeding normal quantities.

Fertilizer and chemical liquid; the maximum load is 70 kg / m2; please use below 60 degrees.

The skill parameters of the seedbedSilk diameter is usually selected by 3mm, 4mm, 3/4mm, etc., especially the silk 

number can be customized according to customer request.

The most common meshes are 2x13cm, 3x13cm, 2.5x13cm, 2x12cm and so on. The weight bearing is good.

The surface treatment of seedbed is usually hot dip galvanizing. It has the following advantages: zinc plating, beautiful, acid and alkali resistance, anti-aging and corrosion resistance.

Strong sex, long life and so on Point.


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