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    Greenhouse nursery net. In summer, due to the intense solar radiation and the greenhouse effect, the temperature of the warm room is above 40 degrees centigrade, and the growth and development of the crops almost discontinuous, which will soon cause the crops to die. Therefore, dealing with summer cooling in greenhouse is the key to ensure the normal growth of crops. Natural ventilation, mechanical ventilation, mechanical refrigeration, evaporative cooling, inner sunshade net, outer sunshade net, water curtain fan cooling are usually adopted in the cooling. Mechanical refrigeration is the use of refrigerators to cool down, usually large greenhouse area, implored cold load, and mechanical refrigeration equipment and operation cost is very high, the use of extremely uneconomical. Evaporative cooling is a way of lowering the temperature of the air by evaporating the moisture in the air and then reaching the temperature of the falling air. But it will add humidity in the air, and it will not work in a high humidity climate. The focus of the greenhouse treatment in moving beds is to meet the demands of seed germination and seedling growth and development. After all, it arrives at the purpose of cultivating the strong seedlings, which can be used to end the purpose with the seedbed net.

    (1) to control suitable seedbed breeding temperature to sow to melon bud, and higher temperature is needed to speed up the emergence of seedbed.Therefore, the seedbed should be tightly covered. Full daylight should be added to keep the temperature of the bed moving. Summer cooling treatment of moving nursery bed in Greenhouse

    (2) the light transmittance of the plastic film of the moving bed of the moving seedbed is about seventy percent, such as the tight cover, the humidity of the air in a long period of moisture saturation and the lower transmittance, so we should compete for as much light as possible in the treatment. Moving bed

    (3) drought prevention, drainage and sowing to melon sprouts should be carried out. Seedbed should be suitable for humidity. Excessive dry and wet will have bad effects on seedling emergence. When seeding, the seedlings should be watered through the bottom water, the soil must be wet, and the soil should not be watered after covering the soil.

    (4) ventilation treatment

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