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Quality specification for Hebei hot-dip galvanized steel wire mesh

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The development of the control system of the greenhouse bed.

    1) develop an intelligent expert system by using fuzzy manipulation and artificial neural network theory. Use up

The powerful storage space and fast running speed of the bit machine make software function of the hardware function as much as possible, and add the function of the host computer to handle the software.

    2) research on joint detection and manipulation of greenhouse environmental factors.

    3) study the transfer function of greenhouse environment system, and propose a multi environmental factor manipulation model suitable for greenhouse in northern China.

Greenhouse mobile seedbed medication -- six criteria to know

    1. timely medication based on the outbreak rules of pests and diseases, find out the weak links and make timely use of 


    2. should be based on early prevention and control, and the control extends to disaster.

    3. the rational drug rotation or mixed use of pesticide disproportionate variety can not only avoid the increase of insect resistance and insect resistance, but also cure disease and insect pests, and save time and save the medicine.

4. it should not be used in cloudy and snowy days.Properly ventilated to reduce the humidity of the air.

5. change the medication method. Choose the smog method and the dust method as far as possible in order to reduce the humidity inside the greenhouse.

6. safe use of drugs must strictly enforce the standard dosage and concentration of safe use of pesticides, and should not be highly toxic or highly toxic.

Pesticide, high efficiency, low toxicity, low residue pesticide or biological pesticide, so as to prevent touch poisoning.


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