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Expanded metal rolling bench

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Greenhouse expanded metal bench is made from high quality steel plate,low carbon steel plate,stainless steel and galvanized steel plate,stamped by equipment,the hole is lozenge-shaped.Like welded wire mesh,it’s a very common part of greenhouse bench.It’s firmer than normal wire welding,low cost,low transport,solid and appearance.Now a lot of flower breeding plant use expanded metal mesh,it has a flat surface and a high coefficient of friction and high strength characteristics which can stop the flower pot falling.


Flat surface, solid point, bearing good dimensional accuracy, installation convenience, corrosion-resistant and durable. Although it needs more time to produce, but the quality is good. Mesh structure is with appearance, greater strength and a variety of surface treatment technology, which can be adapted to different customer’s needs. It has a more longer service life than welded wire mesh.

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