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Simple seedbed

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Simple seedbed is a kind of fixed seedbed. It is easy to install and has a simple structure. The simple structure of the bed is simple and easy to install with a few simple transverse braces and bed legs. All materials are hot galvanized to make our bed net corrosion resistant, anti-aging, acid and alkali resistant, no fading, smooth and smooth surface, strong and durable.

The size and specifications of the simple seedbed network can be set freely according to the requirements of customers.

General specifications have

Wire diameter: 3.0mm /3.0mm, 3.2mm/3.5mm, 4mm/3..0mm

Mesh: 120 mm X 25mm, 130mmX30mm, 125mmX50mm

Maximum size: 1.9m X 4m

Process type:

1, electric galvanizing: the beautiful cost is low;

2, hot-dip galvanizing: beautiful galvanized layer thick corrosion resistance.

3, galvanized + electrostatic spray: beautiful appearance, double decker anticorrosive price moderate;

4, hot dip molding: the most beautiful appearance, strong corrosion resistance, especially suitable for greenhouse hot and humid environment.

5, stainless steel bright wire: welded, never rust, high cost.

The main uses of the simple seedbed are: raising flowers and raising seedlings, planting grass plants and bonsai cultivation.

The overall features of the simple seedbed are beautiful and generous, economical and practical, corrosion resistant, anti-aging, acid and alkali resistant, non fading, smooth, durable and durable.

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