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    The farm proverb says, "thousand million poured in water is not as good as wax." The application time of the fertilizer is 10~15 days before the winter solstice. Generally, applying pig, cattle, or soil mixed fertilizer to each mu can increase the soil temperature 2C~3C, and achieve the effect of winter spring. If we freeze the water and freeze the water, we must make sure that it is "fixed" and "two suitable". "Sure" is determined according to the water content of the soil. The average water content of sand loam is less than 15, loam is less than 17, and when clay is less than 20, it should be poured with frozen water. "Two" is timely watering and proper watering. The suitable time for freezing water is the time when soil plough layer can be thawed during the day and when it freezes at night. The right amount of watering means that the water should not be oversized or 

too small. Generally, it is suitable to get the soil moisture. It is very bad for the safe overwintering of the vegetable seedlings in the cold period of the northern area of the cover cold, so the cover should be used to prevent the cold and ensure the safe overwintering of the seedlings of the moving bed. Mulching can generally be done after the frozen soil is frozen. The cover is rich in organic matter and is chased after crushing and ramming. The overwinter fertilizer can increase the soil nutrient content, and it can play the role of winter fertilizer and spring. In particular, the net price of vegetable beds is less important than those with little base fertilizer, poor soil fertility and weak seedling. Therefore, we should combine topping with frozen water to catch more winter manuring, generally applying 10 kg of urea or 20 kg of ammonium sulfate, and then topdressing with water. It is possible to improve soil environment, adjust soil visibility, improve soil temperature, and prevent lodging and lessen the harm of grass and sclerotia. The variety of intertillage should vary according to the growing trend. Generally, the shallow and deep roots should be shallow and deep, and the ground should be shallow hoe for the growth. After the cold current, the emergence of the seedlings in time, the emergence of the root phenomenon, must and 8~10 centimeters of ground soil culture, to prevent root dead seedlings: rain and snow weather and early removal of water in the field, avoid waterlogging to prevent root growth. 

When it is thawed, sprinkle wood and ashes and sprinkle clean water on the leaves in order to ease the moisture content and prevent water loss. After thawing, quick effect fertilizer was chased in time. Combined with local production practice,corresponding measures should be taken in time to prevent or mitigate the occurrence of freezing injury and ensure the safety and safety of the seedlings.