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Measures for increasing temperature and acid prevention in seedbed

Release date:2018-06-18 Total browsing:

    According to the weather forecast released by the Heilongjiang Meteorological Observatory, most of the provinces in China will continue to weather the unfavorable weather of low temperature and light and excessive rain and snow in the next few days. In view of the rice seedling bed management, the following work should be done:

    At present, the low temperature in the shed is not conducive to the growth and development of rice seedlings. We should take effective measures to improve the temperature. In the 1.5 and 2.5 leaf stages of rice seedlings, the C combination (Miao 600ml+ black 600ml+ show ground 500ml/360m2) + tiotam was sprayed with 4 bags, which raised the accumulated temperature of the seedlings to contain the cold resistant agent, and could resist the adverse effects of the bad natural conditions in the outside world; black pushed into the biological bacteria, and its metabolites could stimulate the endogenous exemption of rice. The pestilence system can repair damaged cells and thus relieve the damage.

Matters needing attention:

    1. the indirect effect of low temperature on Seedlings

The low temperature will affect the decomposition and transformation of the elements in the nutrient soil, and at the same time, the low temperature will also affect the absorption function of the root. Spray Sanxing autumn star (Immune activator protein) 1000ml/360m2, spray 200 times with water or mix with water. Alleviate the injury of the seedlings and improve the quality of the seedlings.

    2. remedial measures for frostbite of the seedbed

It is necessary to spray the 600 times liquid of Sanxing Gang (liquid potassium dihydrogen phosphate) in time to promote the growth of seedlings. The star is the fermentation process, the first bio chelate potassium, low temperature instant. If the soil pH value is too high, the.PH value of two times of the bed surface is below 7, 1 bottles of water are spray on the show and the seedling is washed; the pH value is 2-3 in the 7-7.5 show.Bottle /360m2 water 30 kg spray, wash seedlings, pH value to 4.5-5.5.    After the normal temperature.Water management, remember not to cover the shed. When the new leaves are unfolded, 

three pieces of live leaves can be transplanted in time.